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Aluminium Victorian Greenhouses

Aluminium Victorian Greenhouses

The Cultivar range of Aluminium Victorian Greenhouses is available with a boarded base or to go on a Dwarf wall to match with existing buildings.

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Aluminium Victorian Greenhouses

It might be Victorian in design but this is a greenhouse for the 21st Century. What used to be 2mm overlapping horticultural glass is now full sheet 4mm toughened safety glass which is safer and much easier to maintain. The attractive narrow pane centres have been maintained but today’s greenhouse does not require putty, instead the glass is cushioned against gasket providing an insulating quality against both temperature and sound. The forty-five degree roof pitch has not changed so the greenhouse still offers plenty of head height and cubic air capacity for your plants.

Like most Victorian greenhouses the slim glazing bars are supported at the ends and periodically along the length with strong portal frames. Typically, these portal frames are powder coated in an off white whilst the slim glazing bars compliment in a quartz grey. The door, wide enough for a wheelbarrow, can be hinged on the left or the right. At each end of the gable a hand turned finial painted to match the frame crowns the greenhouse.

Choose whether the Victorian Greenhouse sits on a Wall

You can decide whether you want the greenhouse mounted onto a wall. If this is the case we would provide you with the specification for the base. Optionally our aluminium greenhouses come with a panelled base, which will save you the cost and complication of building a wall. In this instance all you have to do is provide a flat level base, ideally made from concrete. Again we would provide you with the specification for the base.

The Aluminium Victorian greenhouse range from cultivar offers you a style of greenhouse typical of the Victorian era with all the modern facilities and convenience of a modern greenhouse. Frames free from unsightly fixings, shelving that can be folded down, neat and tidy guttering and downpipes and full length ridge ventilation are features standard to all our greenhouses. But what really set this greenhouse apart from any other greenhouse on the market is the build quality which is second to none.

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Why Cultivar?

We employ time served engineers and experienced fitters to guarantee your satisfaction. The Cultivar greenhouse has been carefully arduously designed, all the materials used in the structure are of the finest available, no corners have been cut.

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Three essential ingredients:

Design – drawing on decades of experience we concentrate as much on the style of our greenhouses as we do on their functionality.

Quality – over the last 30 years we have continuously focussed on achieving the best quality greenhouses available delivering honest, British engineering at it’s best.

Innovation – we are continuously working to improve our greenhouses using high performing materials in conjunction with concealed engineering. The result a clean modern range of greenhouses fit for the 21st Century.

The Essential Ingredients

Our Greenhouse Experts

If you want to call us, we can go into great detail on our quality and design specification. Be assured that the Cultivar greenhouse meets the highest standards and also looks brilliant.

Gordon Carruthers

Executive Chairman

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Tim Parry

Technical Director

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Daniel Carruthers

Director of Sales

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“After 40 years of greenhouse innovation, you’d think my enthusiasm would have wained by now. On the contrary, its grown."

Starting a business is a challenge that I relish especially when it centers on Britain’s gardens and the traditional buildings that form part of that landscape. After many years fostering two of Britain’s largest greenhouse companies, gratefully still thriving, I have joined together with my son and long time brilliant technical associate to form a design led creative team. All of the lessons learned along the way have been put to good advantage.

Full use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques have been considered in a long and thoughtful way. The result is this beautiful addition to the greenhouse world.

My principles of building a successful business have always been based on good foundations with great design and high quality at the forefront backed up with excellent customer service. It’s a credit to the team that will offer our customers lasting satisfaction.

"I know what’s gone into it so I know what you’ll get out of it, that’s why to me, a 50 year guarantee is an absolute breeze."
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My experience, a design qualification, time served joinery (from an old school tutorage) building and designing homes and interiors of the highest workmanship. For the last 15 years I’ve been designing and making the most desirable greenhouses. But with Cultivar an awful lot of knowledge and skill has gone into the design. In designing this modern greenhouse there were hundreds if not thousands of technical conundrums to overcome.

We’ve achieved a greenhouse with exceptional ventilation, evenly distributed with no hot or cold spots. Great pains have been taken to ensure as many fixings as possible are concealed from view, the result a modern and clean looking greenhouse that draws comparison with the furniture in your home. The basic materials from which our greenhouses are made have been chosen for their longevity and green credentials.

The FSC Accoya framing with it’s 50 year guarantee combines beautifully with the almost indestructible aluminium framing. With Cultivar I have finally reached my objective, the most advanced greenhouse in the World. Designed to last a lifetime, it’s taken me more than half a lifetime but it’s been worth every minute.

"Cultivar brings a breath of fresh air to greenhouse construction."

I’m the part of the team that understands the needs and desires of gardeners and more importantly plants. Tim makes sure that every component is carefully manufactured whilst my father makes sure the business machine is well oiled. I bring a little humanity to the needs of our plants and our customers.

When I speak to you there are hundreds of questions that may occur relating to location, size, use and specification.  After twenty years of answering such queries I have a wealth of experience.

It is little wonder that I have a full understanding of the importance of ventilation and our low level vents in conjunction with the full length ridge ventilation provides the most effective combination conducive to growth. Each polished frameless ridge vent is made from 6mm toughened safety glass providing maximum light and ventilation as well as a dramatically different modern look. I love talking to customers about greenhouses, it’s an exciting business and gardening is a stimulating pastime.