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Explore our range of modern greenhouses

Explore the Cultivar greenhouse range. Let us take you by the hand and guide you through the different styles and sizes available, whether you are looking for a traditional Victorian greenhouse or a modern glass to ground structure.

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A question of style

Cultivar offer a range of stylish greenhouse models to appeal to your tastes and growing needs.


Arts & Crafts Style

View the Victorian range.


Avant-Garde Design

View the Modern range.

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dwarf wall

Enduring tradition


Bringing style, flair and colour

plant house

Understated elegance

dwarf wall

Traditional materials

glass house

Virtually maintenance free

stripy glass

Modern, chic and yet enduring

glass house

The most popular choice

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Sizing up

If you have an idea of the size of the greenhouse you require we have the greenhouse to fit. We offer three popular widths:

2026mm (6ft 8)

2438mm (8ft)

3218mm (10ft 7)

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Choose your length...

Available in modules of approximately 750mm finding a length suitable for your plot or budget should be easy.

1622mm (5ft 4)

2362mm (7ft 9)

3187mm (10ft 5)

3927mm (12ft 10)

4667mm (15ft 4)

5492mm (18ft)

6232mm (20ft 5)

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  • Would you like staging and shelving?

    The options, one side located as you choose, two sides for a complete kit.

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    • 1 side
    • No sides
    Would you like a tray?

    Useful potting or drench tray.

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    • No

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Your Greenhouse

Here is your selected greenhouse, you may wish to vary it or just get a quote. Click the green button and we will send you a quotation with an illustration, price and technical details. From there you can explore a little more or even buy online. Naturally we would also be happy to speak to you so please give us a call.

Alternatively scroll back, change your choices and see another option. Then press on, you can still vary your choices on the next page, so much to choose from!

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