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Large greenhouses

Explore the range of large greenhouses on offer from Cultivar. There’s a choice of widths and the length is modular so you can go as long as you want. All are built with a 45 degree roof pitch giving you plenty of working height too.

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‘Buy the biggest greenhouse you can afford’ is the advice from experienced gardeners. You will fill it before you realize.

We have devised a system that allows us to create structures of infinite length in our three standard lengths. The largest at over 10ft 7 inches (3218mm) wide has high eaves and plenty of head room afforded by the steeply pitched roof. The length is modular in modules of approximately 2ft 5 inches (750mm) so the greenhouse can stretch as far as you need, plenty of space for the budding amateur. All of our large greenhouses offer the following :

  • Modular system to offer personalized options
  • Staging and shelving tailored to you specification
  • High eaves and a high ridge equates to a more even air temperature
  • Sophisticated ventilation system
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