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Victorian greenhouses

Each Victorian Greenhouse is manufactured with a generous 45 degree roof pitch, narrow pane centres and hand turned finials. These traditional designs are available in a range of sizes to suit your garden.

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The Victorians knew about greenhouses and there are examples of Victorian Greenhouses still standing in some of our stately homes today. But they suffer and are under constant repair. The glass was 2mm (one twelth of an inch) thick, now we use glass twice as thick and toughened to safety glass standards. We still use timber for some of the detailing such as sculptural boarding but now this is long lasting and ecologically sourced. Today’s larger panes offer more light to your plants. We have retained the high eaves, large capacity guttering, wide hinged doors and still offer the main Victorian feature of a 45 degree roof pitch which is both imposing and impressive. Creating an aluminium Victorian greenhouse fit for the 21st Century is something we at Cultivar have worked tirelessly to produce.

  • Combination of beautiful wood and long lasting aluminium
  • Lots of light through toughened safety glass panels for stronger plants
  • Boarded or brick base for a traditional look
  • Hand turned finials at the end of each ridge
  • Attractive narrow pane centres
  • Generous Victorian roof pitch providing lots of height for you and your plants
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