Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit We offer a 30 Year Lifetime Guarantee
Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit
We offer a 30 Year Lifetime Guarantee
alternative greenhouse with coldframe

A Contemporary Greenhouse

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A Contemporary Greenhouse

25th August 2021

When choosing a greenhouse there’s a lot to consider such as : size, placement and least not style. This modern new build a stones’ throw (although throwing stones in glasshouses is not to be encouraged) from our workshop in North Wales is home to our Alcove greenhouse design.

different greenhouse design

Clean lines, wide panes, double doors and all the features common to a greenhouse from Cultivar: superior ventilation, fold down staging, easy to fix to frames. And in addition to these facilities a cold frame has been added for hardening off plants in the Spring and growing salad crops in the summer. But perhaps the driving force behind the decision to choose this design was to closely match the existing design of the surrounding ultra-modern buildings.

This is a very unique design, a far cry from the Victorian porch greenhouses you might find in a traditional walled garden. Our Alcove range starts at 8’ wide by 15’6” in length but can go as wide as 10’8” by 20’5” in length. They can be made should you desire and with a good wall can be abutting as seen in this example. Cold frames can be added either side of the doors or even be placed at the ends. If you’re looking for something a little different then perhaps this is the greenhouse for you.

a different perspective on this alternative greenhouse design

cultivar greenhouse in front of newbuild house

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