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Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit

About Us

Here is the potted history of the underlying principals that guide our unrelenting quest to produce the highest quality glasshouses for sale anywhere in the USA. Read on to learn more about one of the leading British Glasshouse manufacturers – Cultivar.

21st Century Leader in Handmade British Glasshouses

The Pontcysyllte aqueduct is just down the road from our glasshouse workshop in Wrexham. It’s a pioneering masterpiece of engineering and testament to the engineering skills that continue to this day in the local valleys. It’s what Wrexham is famous for, an industrial City with a long history of innovation, engineering and one of the oldest Football clubs in Britain (you call it soccer right ?). But these aren’t the only things we’re good at. We’re also a bit obsessive about gardening, it’s part of the culture. For us the garden is not just a place for cultivating fruit and vegetables. It’s a destination, a place to spend time, where all manner of plants can be cultivated many of which were brought back to Britain from far flung corners of the globe by some of the great Victorian plant hunters. And what better place to put these than in one of our fine Victorian Glasshouses. Built to exacting standards in Wrexham and all made to order in our British workshop. We’re a proud bunch and we take great pride in producing high end glasshouses of the highest quality that grace some of the finest English gardens. You’ll find our glasshouses in the grounds of Castles in Austria, overlooking the Great Bight in Australia and of course here in America.

Our experience in glasshouses goes back generations, my father owned a greenhouse company founded in 1938 making high quality aluminum glasshouses and that where I began my career three decades ago. In the 1990s we expanded by developing a range of wooden glasshouses and that’s when I started working with Tim. I still work with Tim today and for the last ten years we’ve developed a new range of glasshouses, better than any we have made before. In designing the new cultivar greenhouse range we were able to move things on from the dated glazing methods we used to employ. Modern concealed engineering provides clean lines, maximising light and hiding any unsightly fixings. Of course some things don’t change, we still follow the principles of design set by our Victorian forefathers, so you still have the attractive narrow pane centres and that classic 45 degree roof pitch. Offered in a choice of long lasting Accoya wood and powder coated aluminum. We recognise that not everyone wants a Victorian Greenhouse so if you’re looking for something a little more contemporary then take a look at the Hampton Range. So if you’re looking for the best luxury British greenhouse then look no further than Cultivar. We have decades of experience and are here to help.

Years of innovation

There is no substitute for quality and experience. Read about our history and how we continue to lead the field in glasshouse design.

  • 1993

    Owning Customer focused companies it is important to recognise that a quality product backed by years of experience are vital attributes.

    So an ailing but famous glasshouse business was rescued from closure and its’ products were introduced to discerning customers.

  • 1995

    Re-design and creative thought brought an entirely new range of classic glasshouses to the market.

    The introduction of Computer Aided Design saw the drawing boards archived. We introduced modern production techniques such as polyester powder coating to offer a choice of long lasting finishes finishes. Materials were also updated and we were the first company to offer toughened safety glass as standard on the entire glasshouse range. Such advances gave the company entirely new market opportunities.

  • 1997

    Expansion into the export markets of Europe and North America where British manufacturing, design, style and quality were appreciated.

    Our thirst for innovation was undimmed with new models and manufacturing techniques.

  • 2000

    With a successful business providing growing employment new opportunities were sought.

    So knowing the glasshouse trade we began the design of high quality cedar glasshouses using our aluminum and glass experience. A new contemporary design, new workshops, new staff and an all new company set out to change the face of an industry with 50 year old techniques.

  • 2010

    The biggest glasshouses in two decades are built.

    The team built if not the biggest (in mass production terms) but definitely the most stylish influential glasshouses in two decades treasured by tens of thousands of customers.

  • 2012

    These two rock solid businesses with unrivalled reputations were well set and it was now the time to move on.

    The loyal and existing management were given the opportunity to run their own show. It was time for us to rethink the future of this fascinating market.

  • 2014

    New design for a new generation

    Days, months and now years later our present journey has reached its’ conclusion. We, this most enterprising team, have created from the ground up the most modern, stylish and functional glasshouse. There is no substitute for quality and experience.

  • 2017-2019

    Creative and Innovatory new products

    Alongside our groundbreaking combination of advanced Accoya and Aluminum modern glasshouses we have added classic Victorian style which may be made entirely in long lasting aluminum or in the signature cultivar look. Now the range has been expanded with a landscape style allowing access to the glasshouse along the length by means of a porch or double doors. Now there’s more choices, in more styles, for our more discerning clients.

  • 2020

    Further development of the three new models in our Landscape range allowing access to the glasshouses down the length

    The stately Pavilion glasshouse with double door access has additional height for tall plants and growers with lofty ambitions. For something a bit different there’s the Alcove glasshouse, also with double door access, which is available in a choice of widths and lengths. And perhaps the jewel in the crown the Porch glasshouse range available in different styles and sizes. For something more traditional the Victorian Porch range can be set on a dwarf wall or if you prefer something a bit more up to date then our Modern Planthouse Porch might fit the bill. All the new models are available with integral coldframes.

Our Glasshouse Experts

If you want to call us, we can go into great detail on our quality and design specification. Be assured that the Cultivar Glasshouse meets the highest standards and also looks brilliant.

Gordon Carruthers

Non-Executive Chairman

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Tim Parry

Chief Technical Officer

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Daniel Carruthers

Chief Executive Officer

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About Us
About Us
“After 40 years of glasshouse innovation, you’d think my enthusiasm would have wained by now. On the contrary, its grown."

Starting a business is a challenge that I relish especially when it centers on Britain’s gardens and the traditional buildings that form part of that landscape. After many years fostering two of Britain’s largest glasshouse companies, gratefully still thriving, I have joined together with my son and long time brilliant technical associate to form a design led creative team. All of the lessons learned along the way have been put to good advantage.

Full use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques have been considered in a long and thoughtful way. The result is this beautiful addition to the glasshouse world.

My principles of building a successful business have always been based on good foundations with great design and high quality at the forefront backed up with excellent customer service. It’s a credit to the team that will offer our customers lasting satisfaction.

About Us
"I know what’s gone into it so I know what you’ll get out of it, that’s why to me, a 50 year guarantee is an absolute breeze."
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My experience, a design qualification, time served joinery (from an old school tutorage) building and designing homes and interiors of the highest workmanship. For the last 15 years I’ve been designing and making the most desirable glasshouses. But with Cultivar an awful lot of knowledge and skill has gone into the design. In designing this modern glasshouse there were hundreds if not thousands of technical conundrums to overcome.

We’ve achieved a glasshouse with exceptional ventilation, evenly distributed with no hot or cold spots. Great pains have been taken to ensure as many fixings as possible are concealed from view, the result a modern and clean looking glasshouse that draws comparison with the furniture in your home. The basic materials from which our glasshouses are made have been chosen for their longevity and green credentials.

The FSC Accoya framing with it’s 50 year guarantee combines beautifully with the almost indestructible aluminum framing. With Cultivar I have finally reached my objective, the most advanced glasshouse in the World. Designed to last a lifetime, it’s taken me more than half a lifetime but it’s been worth every minute.

"Cultivar brings a breath of fresh air to glasshouse construction."

I’m the part of the team that understands the needs and desires of gardeners and more importantly plants. Tim makes sure that every component is carefully manufactured whilst my father makes sure the business machine is well oiled. I bring a little humanity to the needs of our plants and our customers.

When I speak to you there are hundreds of questions that may occur relating to location, size, use and specification.  After twenty years of answering such queries I have a wealth of experience.

It is little wonder that I have a full understanding of the importance of ventilation and our low level vents in conjunction with the full length ridge ventilation provides the most effective combination conducive to growth. Each polished frameless ridge vent is made from 6mm toughened safety glass providing maximum light and ventilation as well as a dramatically different modern look. I love talking to customers about glasshouses, it’s an exciting business and gardening is a stimulating pastime.

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