Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit We offer a 30 Year Lifetime Guarantee
Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit

Glasshouse Advice

If you are looking for some advice from greenhouse experts, then you have come to the right place. We provide tips on buying a greenhouse, siting it and much more….

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Preparing for your new glasshouse

Glasshouse orientation

We always recommend opting for the position which provides the most sun light for your crops. In the UK, this typically means having the ridge of your glasshouse running East to West.

However, there are many other factors to take into consideration including access to utilities and the evenness of the ground. After all, any Cultivar glasshouse is glazed all round to maximise heat retention.

For more information on the best position for your glasshouse, take advantage of our interactive glasshouse orientation infographic.

Preparing the garden for your new glasshouse

A good solid foundation should be laid in advance of your glasshouse delivery and we provide a base plan to assist you or your builder with the preparation of this. We've got a page all about glasshouse base preparation.

Do you need planning permission for a glasshouse?

In the majority of instances planning permission will not be required for a glasshouse provided that the glasshouse is used for domestic purposes only and does not cover an area which is more than half the total area of the property.

There are also height restrictions in place which we take into account when it comes to the design of your glasshouse. However, we always recommend that you check the planning portal. so as to be completely confident.

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Browse our Glasshouse Gallery

Get a better idea about the quality glasshouses which are produced by Cultivar by take a look through a collection of our gallery images:

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Choosing the right glasshouse

Explore the Glasshouse Range

Suit yourself from an infinite choice of sizes and styles, ranging from traditional Victorian glasshouses all the way through to more contemporary designs.

Our glasshouses are all manufactured here in Cheshire from the finest and longest lasting materials presenting a sophisticated engineered finish which will stand the test of time.

Glasshouse staging and shelving

Almost without exception every glasshouse has to have staging (benching to some) and shelving. You will need a strong surface for your plants, a place to store trays and a useful surface to pot up. Cultivar’s devilishly clever staging provides the best solutions to your storage needs.

Uncover our secrets by heading to our glasshouse staging and shelving page.

Glasshouse sizes

We aren’t known as glasshouse experts for nothing. We know our customers and we know that the size of your glasshouse is going to be a primary consideration.

For smaller gardens, we have a small glasshouse with a width of 6ft 8 inches (2026mm). The length of our glasshouses is modular starting with two panels which is just 5ft 4 inches (1622mm) long. The most popular length for this width with our customers tends to be 3 panels which is just under 8 foot (2362mm).

Find out more about our glasshouse sizes here.

Glasshouse Specifications

The ultimate door

The Ultimate Door

We have designed the ultimate glasshouse door. It’s made from sturdy aluminum framing inset into a dimensionally stable Accoya frame to ensure a long lasting and perfect fit. The shiplap board is designed to withstand hard wear and the occasional knock whilst adding both beauty and strength. The upper glazed section is toughened safety glass. It’s a combination of traditional wood working skills matched with a modern aluminum door system.


Toughened Safety Glass

When it comes to encouraging plant growth and healthy propagation the clarity and durability of the glass is second to none. Gone are the days of delicate 2mm thick horticultural glass which shatters into shards at the slightest knock or wind. Now we use 4mm tempered safety glass.


Superior Glasshouse Ventilation

The very best growers know that adequate glasshouse ventilation is the key to disease prevention and good results. To this end we have studied the most effective positions and sizes of our vents to ensure optimum results.

Starting from the bottom we have full length, hinged, aluminum vents at plinth level which will allow the cooler air to circulate upwards, around the structure before exiting as warm or hot air at the ridge.

Visit the following page to read more about our glasshouse ventilation systems.


Long Lasting Timber

We consider our glasshouses to be the most advanced in the world, and the choice of materials that we use in construction is a primary reason for this.

Accoya is the wood that we used and it is most definitely the wood of the future. EUTR compliant from well managed sustainable sources such as FSC certified forests. The treatment process is non toxic and adds nothing to the wood that does not naturally occur. The result of this treatment is enhanced durability and stability offering the perfect solution for the beautiful and strong framework and attractive timber boarding which is absolutely perfect for the requirements of a glasshouse which will stand the test of time. Read more about our Accoya glasshouses here.


High Specification Aluminum

Aluminum has long been used in glasshouse construction usually with light weight sections that make for a rickety structure, often with clips or screws holding the glass in place.

With our long experience in the industry we have now banished the historical concepts and designed aluminum frames with tight mitred corners, strong glazing bars, secure beads and effective neoprene gaskets to hold the glass securely in place.

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Placing your order

Beautiful Glasshouses UK

Our Glasshouse Delivery Service

All prices quoted for our glasshouses are for delivery to Mainland UK. Should you be outside this area we will be happy to work out a price for you. Our normal lead time from order to delivery is 30 working days but we can look to cut this time down if requested. Just let us know.

There’s some more information on glasshouse delivery service here.

Quality Glasshouses UK

Ordering your glasshouse

Our glasshouse experts are on hand to provide helpful advice all the way along the ordering process to ensure that you can simply look forward to the delivery of your dream glasshouse.

This is all part of our full installation service which also comes with a comprehensive guarantee.

Since your glasshouse will be made to order your needs can be accommodated. So, for example, if you would like the door to be hinged on the other side or the additional of a partition perhaps, this is no problem, again just ask. Once you have made your decision we ask for a 30% deposit with the remaining balance due on dispatch.

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