Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit We offer a 30 Year Lifetime Guarantee
Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit

Ridge ventilation

Air circulation starts low down in our glasshouse but hot exhausted air can escape through the handsome full length ridge vents, located on both sides of the glasshouse for optimum air flow. Plants love air movement, you will be rewarded if you offer plenty of fresh air. To this end our vents are automated with heat sensitive cylinders and strong spring mechanisms. 6mm toughened clear glass panels allow maximum light and the openers allow maximum ventilation.

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Accoya Framework

We are proud to manufacture with Accoya. It is an acetylated wood that has been thoroughly tested for dimensional stability and durability, guaranteed for 50 years untreated and even given a 70 year service life by TRADA. Accoya is so strong that it is used in the construction of bridges and even to line canals. Accoya is produced from fast growing renewable, well managed sources and as such has a low, even negative carbon footprint. Organically treated Accoya carries a prized FSC certification. The boarded base version can be furnished with cold frames either side of the porch.

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Victorian Greenhouses with Porch

Effortlessly blending practicality and style, our range of Victorian greenhouses with a porch are proving increasingly popular with customers. Like all Cultivar products, these stunning greenhouses have been arduously and carefully designed to provide a long service life whilst being attractive and functional too. We have left no stone unturned in our efforts to produce a design which is focused on providing the perfect environment for a wide range of crops and making the gardening efforts of our customers far more fruitful.

When you order one of our Victorian greenhouses with an accompanying porch, you are also purchasing a focal point for any large garden, with the design being aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Like all our greenhouses, the length is modular but their remains a wide range of customisable features to choose from to ensure that you get the perfect greenhouse for your needs. Firstly, there is the option of sitting the greenhouse on a dwarf wall or if you'd prefer the planthouse style with the wooden boarding then this only requires a flat level concrete pad or footing.

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Victorian Glasshouses with Porch

Victorian Glasshouses Landscape Range

Material: Accoya

Model: Porch Plant House

Victorian Glasshouses with Porch

Victorian Glasshouses Landscape Range

Material: Accoya

Model: Porch Plant House

Aside from aesthetics, buying one of our Victorian Greenhouses with a porch accompanying it is advantageous for gardeners for a variety of practical reasons. Firstly the side access does tend to open up more possibilities when it comes to the placement of cold frames, which can be situated either side of the entry point. This can be useful when it comes to hardening off tender plants.

We fit all of our glasshouses with hinged aluminium doors which are design for strength so that they can withstand the effects of the weather on even the breeziest of days. These doors can be hinged either side and can open in or out. Opening the doors outwards tends to create more room in the greenhouse for crops, as well as making wheelchair access easier. For greater opening then consider the pavilion porch range which comes with double door access to the porch. The porch pavilion model also has higher eaves so is ideal for tall plants and lofty ambitions. Double door access can also be incorporated into the gable end of the larger porch models. The same option can be added to the standard Victorian Greenhouses in the portrait range.

Bespoke Victorian Greenhouse Configuration

We can help guide you through the process of putting together a design for a made to measure Victorian Greenhouse with a porch accompanying it. Pick from one of the options above to start the process online:

Customers who opt for a Victorian greenhouse with a porch usually have a clear idea of where the greenhouse will sit within the garden, with many of our customers considering them to be a visual focal point in their garden which is sure to impress friends & family frequenting their home.

We have two widths available in the Victorian greenhouse porch range : 2438mm (8 foot) and 3218mm (10 foot 7). Both widths can be extended in length. If you wish to avoid the costs of building a dwarf wall then our planthouse style with the boarded Accoya base can sit directly down onto a simple concrete pad or footing.

If you prefer the traditional option of building a dwarf wall for your greenhouse then we would provide you with the drawings and specification for the construction of this upon order confirmation.

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