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Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit

Hello, we’re Cultivar.

A brief introduction to glasshouses and how we’re taking them forward.

Glasshouses have long been sought as an attractive and useful addition to the garden. In the 1800’s Joseph Paxton perfected wrought iron structures such as Chatsworth’s Great Conservatory. Since then creators and cultivators have devised new and wonderful ways to propagate and encourage seeds and plants undercover from our often inclement climate.

For many years horticultural glass in light aluminum frames, timber structures and even re-inforced concrete were normal. In recent years aluminum systems and longer lasting timbers using toughened safety glass have improved the choice but not always the appearance or technical merit of the glasshouse. So we at Cultivar, a team with decades of experience in creating fine glasshouses, came together and decided to drag our industry into the new century.

Welcome to the 21st Century


Contemplate the merits of wood which offers an exciting range of facilities and options as well as being tactile and beautiful. We decided to combine this with aluminum, which is strong and light. The finest timbers have a long life, stability, machinability and aesthetic beauty and this we found in Accoya. A modified softwood which has, after decades of research, achieved all of our aims. Equally important it’s a renewable source of supply and has FSC certification. Accoya.com has masses of information on its history, technical facility and longevity and why they are able to guarantee it outdoors for 50 years.

We examined modern window and door systems which offer tightly fitting panes cushioned in sophisticated gasketry giving secure and strong structural opportunities. All complete with slim sight lines offering perfect growing conditions.

The two materials combined with modern ventilation systems offer an innovatory glasshouse.

The Design Brief

To create an innovatory and desirable glasshouse from modern materials with superior ventilation. All complete with proper doors, proper handles and proper locks. We like to do things properly. Great efforts have been taken to hide as many fixings as possible offering clean lines and a glasshouse fit for modern living.

Creative Interior Options

Step inside a cultivar glasshouse and explore the options. The staging, which can be folded down, is offered with a choice of surfaces, all of which can be configured online.

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