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Series 3 Shelving

Series 3 Shelving

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Series 3 Shelving

Series 3 Greenhouse Shelving from Cultivar

Introducing our brand new Series 3 greenhouse shelving which has been specially designed to fit your Cultivar Greenhouse.

Consisting of three separate greenhouse shelves, there is complete flexibility as to where the shelving is added. You can opt for one above the other, or the side by side approach based on the size of your greenhouse and the space available.

Our experienced designers have purposefully created these greenhouse shelves to be easy to assemble. If you own a Cultivar Greenhouse, you can simply take advantage of our clever screw ports which ensure a clean and secure attachment which won’t be obvious to the style conscious. This is a standard feature which comes with all Cultivar Greenhouses.

Designed to be ready to ship to customers, these sturdy greenhouse shelves are ideal for instances where you find yourself short on space for your precious seedlings. Each shelf measures 280 x 730mm and is available in precision engineered aluminium as standard. Those of you who are looking for a luxurious feel may be interested in swapping aluminium greenhouse shelving out for a version which has been manufactured using Accoya wood. This can be manufactured by special request.

Once the shelving arrives, you can fix it into a position which is the perfect height for you and your gardening needs. We also offer our customers the chance to opt for folding greenhouse shelving if preferred. These are perfect for those of you who have a smaller greenhouse and require as much space as possible. If you would like to include a handy stainless steel basket or two along with your folding shelving, then please just let us know. We’ve created these specially to fit onto Cultivar Greenhouse shelving, with their raised sides making them easy to lift in and out as well as providing additional storage options for your greenhouse equipment.

If you would like any further information about our series 3 greenhouse shelving or any other Cultivar product, then please get in touch with our helpful team.

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