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Cucumber Ladder

Cucumber Ladder

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Cucumber Ladder

universal fixings, cucumber ladder

At cultivar we like to think about things. Things that will make your life in the greenhouse easier. Things like how to support your cucumbers as they start to grow. So we put our heads together here and came up with the cucumber ladder. Our standard universal fixing, which can be used for other things than merely supporting your cucumber plants, can be secured to the screw ports on all our greenhouses with a few simple turns of a screwdriver. By fixing a few of these at intervals between the uprights of the greenhouse and using a length of twine you can provide a framework, a ladder if you wish, for the tendrils of your cucumbers to wind around as it makes its’ way up toward the light. Rungs can be added over time to suit you or your plants as they continue to grow over the season. As Autumn approaches and the plants reach the end of their life you can simply cut the twine away to easily remove the plant. The fixings can be left in place for next year which is sure to be a bumper crop.

So there we have it, your cucumbers will be happy and no doubt reward you in kind. A pack of 10 universal fixings costs £25. Let us know if you’d like one adding to your order.universal fixings

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