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Glasshouse Ideas US

Planning your new greenhouse should be an exciting time for an enthusiastic garden, with a whole host of possibilities open to you. Cultivar aims to make your greenhouse ideas into reality with a wide selection of materials and designs available to you when you buy a greenhouse from one of the UKs leading manufacturers.

Regardless of what style you choose, you can be sure that you will receive a product which is built to spec and designed to last. Read on for inspiration and let us help you make your greenhouse ideas a reality.

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Creating a Garden Oasis

The garden offers a sanctuary that nurtures both body and soul. With the addition of a little water and, of course, a greenhouse it's possible to create a little oasis of calm.

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A Healing Garden

With its vibrant blooming flowers, rustling leaves, and the buzz of wildlife the garden has long been celebrated as a place of respite and relaxation. But its significance extends far beyond mere leisure.

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modern planthouse

A Modern Greenhouse

Like something off Grand Designs, the architect of this stylish home wanted a greenhouse to suit the contemporary style. The combination of materials on the greenhouse compliments the those used in the construction of the house.

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Twin Peaks

This double span greenhouse is made from powder coated aluminium in the Victorian style to match in with the house. With a large open internal space there's room to grow all manner of plants and even a place to sit.

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plants in greenhouse

Connecting with Nature

Stepping out the back door into the garden, perhaps with a cup of coffee, you can almost feel a weight coming off your shoulders. It’s no secret that birdsong has a calming and comforting effect which is no doubt heightened by being immersed amongst plants and greenery.

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a greenhouse with a view

A Room with a View

Look up from the greenhouse staging and there’s unirivalled views across the Derbyshire Dales. On a clear day you can see for miles and this greenhouse gets up to temperature. Helped no doubt by the South facing Wall to which it abuts. A greenhouse like this holds the temperature better than most.

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accoya wooden greenhouse with porch

Extending the Seasons

In the absence of good weather with a greenhouse there are still options. Whether you want to spend more time alone pottering with your plants or in the company of family and friends then a large greenhouse gives you options.

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More than just a Greenhouse

When we heard about the plans for this wide span greenhouse we put on thinking hats on as to how it could be achieved. Measuring 5m wide by 6m the solution was to do a twin span greenhouse.

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porch greenhouse on dwarf wall surrounded by plants

Growing Under Glass

Perhaps the highlight of working at Cultivar is seeing the greenhouses that we work hard to produce in their final and very beautiful garden settings. It makes you proud.

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alternative greenhouse with coldframe

A Contemporary Greenhouse

When choosing a greenhouse there’s a lot to consider such as : size, placement and least not style. This modern new build a stones’ throw (although throwing stones in glasshouses is not to be encouraged) from our workshop in North Wales is home to our Alcove greenhouse design.

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a glimpse into a romantic georgian garden

A 21st Century Greenhouse

Taking on an old property does not come without challenges but the restoration process provides the opportunity to put your own stamp on things. After several years of tastefully restoring a period home it was only a matter of time before the garden could be given some attention. Last but not least, they say.

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A Greenhouse for a Formal Garden

A decent wall affords the opportunity to install a three-quarter lean-to greenhouse. Our modular system allows a choice of lengths and with two widths (the distance from the wall) to choose from finding a suitable greenhouse for your plot should be a doddle.

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An English Country Garden Greenhouse

Is there anything more spectacular than an English garden in Spring ? And a beautiful garden deserves a beautiful greenhouse. And it’s not just a focal point across the pond but more a means to provide for the garden.

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A Greenhouse for Modern Living

One of the advantages of being out in the country is that generally speaking you can have a larger garden. And a larger garden affords a larger greenhouse. But of course, you then have to fill that garden with plants. And that is where a greenhouse comes in handy.

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Designing the garden around the greenhouse

Gone are the days when a greenhouse is hid at the bottom of the garden behind trellis. When you buy a greenhouse from cultivar it gives you a chance to re-think the garden layout.

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A Greenhouse for all seasons

It’s not uncommon to purchase more than one greenhouse in a lifetime. The first greenhouse is usually too small, perhaps because at that stage in your gardening endeavors you’re not sure how valuable the greenhouse will become.

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The Well Organised Greenhouse

Before buying a greenhouse it is worth taking the time to think through how you might go about organising it. There’s a lot to consider and this guide should help you make the most of the greenhouse space.

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victorian greenhouse

The Glasshouse

At certain times of the year when not filled with plants this greenhouse is used as a fused glass workshop.

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8 x 10 greenhouse

Market Gardening

Read how you can set up a market garden greenhouse using the Cultivar Portrait Greenhouse model. Measuring at 8 foot (2438mm) wide by 10 foot 5 long (3218mm), this planthouse is our best selling size.

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pavilion greenhouse

Growing Together

Sitting snugly in a sunken patio area on a solid concrete base a pavilion greenhouse is a stylish and practical option.

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A Rural Idyll

In the rural heart of England, open views all around a Cultivar Greenhouse serves as a retreat from the hubbub of modern life.

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The Gardener’s Greenhouse

Earlier in the year we installed one of our fine Accoya framed glasshouses in a beautiful English Midlands garden. Take inspiration from our happy customer, who is a keen gardener and making full use of all of the capabilities of his bespoke greenhouse model.

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A Courtyard Garden

Walled gardens were all the fashion in Victorian and Edwardian days allowing the creation of a micro climate providing ideal growing conditions.

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The Greenhouse Garden Essentials

Perhaps the first sensible purchase for the garden is the greenhouse.

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The Greenhouse A place to relax

A greenhouse often acts as a garden hub, a place to spend time year round.

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Retreat to the Greenhouse

At the heart of this Garden is a large Victorian greenhouse. Chosen in truth mainly for its handsome looks but there’s a bit more going on with the structure than just that.

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The Kitchen Garden

Starting a garden from scratch is no easy task.

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A Terrace Garden

One way of dealing with a sloping garden is to make it into a series of terraces.

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The Victorian Walled Garden

On a cloudless day in a Cheshire Walled garden is a cultivar greenhouse at it’s very best.

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A Greenhouse for The Plant Enthusiast

It’s always a good sign when a specialist plant grower chooses to buy a greenhouse from you.

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A Greenhouse for a Japanese Garden

In Japan making a garden is considered a high art.

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Our Top Glasshouse Ideas

What better way is there of getting some glasshouse ideas than to learn from what other gardeners are doing?

That’s why we aim to bring you some inspiration by sharing with you case studies based on our experiences with previous Cultivar customers to help inform your purchase. Take advantage of our top tips based on years of experience in the glasshouse manufacturing industry.

We find that the majority of our customers want to come to us with a blank canvas with glasshouse ideas of their own. Thankfully our experience means that we are able to work with you to find the best route towards your perfect design, offering you as much customisation as possible.

Before you start the process of buying a glasshouse, you may wish to take on board the answers to some questions that we are commonly asked by our valued customers:

What Should I Do About glasshouse Drainage?

Whilst the look of your glasshouse is important, it is also important to think about practicality. That is why we also recommend opting for a glasshouse with concrete base draining. This is something which will need to be taken into consideration when you are laying the base for your new glasshouse.

You may also wish to take this opportunity to put a conduit through the concrete to allow you to feed electric into the glasshouse also. This will open up a whole host of opportunities in the future, including adding lighting to your glasshouse as well as using electric heating equipment that will give you scope for growing a greater range of plants as well as keeping your existing plants alive during the winter months.

Small Glasshouse Ideas

Perhaps you have green fingers but limited by the space available in your garden. For just this eventuality we offer a range of small glasshouse options to help you make the most of the space available.

Our smallest design comes in a neat width of 6ft 8 inches (2028mm) with a length of 5ft 3 inches (1622mm). This modular design comes with a 45 degree pitched roof so as to maximise the room and give both you and your plants plenty of space to grow (we can always dream!).

Another small glasshouse idea to take into consideration if you go down this route is to think about staging and shelving. Cultivar offers some innovative solutions here, including our unique foldable shelving which would be absolutely perfect for those with limited floor space available.

Glasshouse Orientation

Take into consideration where you place your glasshouse. We always recommend that you try and ensure that your glasshouse is south facing. This will ensure that it will benefit from direct sunlight for the vast majority of the day.

This is particularly important when you opt for one of our three quarter lean to glasshouses which are of course limited by the fact that they are placed up against an abutting wall which means that there is one side of the glasshouse that will never benefit from direct sunlight.

Not only are you maximising the sunlight when you place such a glasshouse south facing, but you are also ensuring that the abutting wall absorbs the suns heat throughout the day which will help to keep the glasshouse warmer than it others would be long into the evening.

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