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More than just a Greenhouse

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More than just a Greenhouse

16th September 2021

When we heard about the plans for this wide span greenhouse we put on thinking hats on as to how it could be achieved. Measuring 5m wide by 6m the solution was to do a twin span greenhouse.

Cultivar Bespoke Greenhouse

To create a large open space it was also necessary to raise the greenhouse, like our pavilion range, so you could walk around the structure without any concerns about having enough head room. It was clear from the start that this customer had grand plans and the vision to create a special place to spend time. A place to enjoy coffee with friends or a place to relax alone amongst the greenery. And just look at what’s being grown, look beyond the impressive harvest of tomatoes and chillies and see for yourself how a greenhouse can be used to grow more a more exotic selection of fruit and vegetables from different parts of the world, crops less easily found here in the shops.

It’s a place to experiment with new seeds, a place to learn from nature, an escape, a retreat, a special place. One thing is clear it is more than just a greenhouse.

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