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Glasshouse Propagation

Glasshouse Propagators

A high quality heated propagator is one of the best accessories that you can buy for your greenhouse in order to give your seeds and cuttings the best possible start…

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What is a Propagator Used For?

A propagator is an enclosed space in which seeds and cuttings germinate.

This enables you to start growing your plants and crops early in the season as well as giving them the best possible chance of prospering in the coming months.

We offer our customers the chance to include heated propagators with their glasshouse purchase which will allow you to regulate the temperature that seeds are exposed to without being forced to waste energy by heating the entire glasshouse structure.

propagator bench

What are the Advantages of Heated Propagators?

A heated propagator will allow you to speed along the seed germination process. Anyone who has previously attempted to place a propagator on a warm windowsill where temperatures vary depending on the time of day will know that seeds can be a little slow to get going.

With a heated propagator you are able to set a steady temperature which will be maintained by a thermostat. This will help to improve germination and also start growing seeds earlier in the year than would ordinarily be the case; essentially extending the growing season.

Heated propagators are also a good investment as they can help to save you money in the longer term. Heating an entire glasshouse can be costly. However, with a heated propagator you can heat an area which is little over the size of a large single glazed space.

heated propagator

How to use a Propagator

With a little planning, a heat propagator can help to transform you into a green fingered wizard.

Firstly, you will need to find a source of electricity in order to get your heated propagator up and running. If you are making plans for a brand new glasshouse, then we’d recommend making arrangements for a conduit to be placed underground prior to the glasshouse being laid. This will allow you to get electrics and other utilities into the glasshouse without having to resort to drilling holes into your new glasshouse frame or draping cables through windows.

It is recommended that you arrange for an electrician to commission the electrics. Cultivar Glasshouses can personally advise that it would be best to ensure that any plug sockets are placed above the height that you will be watering crops.

The plug sockets should be a type which is suitable for outdoor use on account of a glasshouse often being a wet environment. We’d recommend giving some thought as to where you want your glasshouse propagator to be placed so that you can place plug sockets nearby as it is generally best to avoid the use of an extension lead.

Depending on the size of your propagator, you can choose to sit it either on top of the glasshouse staging or in the instance of a large propagator like the one pictured above, then it may be possible to make a bench for it.

Here at Cultivar Glasshouses, we can add a bench into the design specifications which will come complete with a lower shelf which will provide plenty of useful storage space for any pots and compost. Just let us know that this is a requirement when you are ordering your custom glasshouse design.

Once you start to use your glasshouse propagator, it is advised that you avoid overloading the tray. Propagators are better suited to small pots of seedlings than big heavy plants in pots.

Order Your Culivar Glasshouse Online

Using our online glasshouse builder, you can specify the design and features that you would like to have included in your brand new Cultivar Glasshouse.

We strongly recommend including a heated propagator in your order so that you too can benefit from the many advantages that these invaluable accessories will offer.

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