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accoya wooden greenhouse with porch

Extending the Seasons

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Extending the Seasons

23rd September 2021

In the absence of good weather with a greenhouse there are still options. Whether you want to spend more time alone pottering with your plants or in the company of family and friends then a large greenhouse gives you options.

Sections can be partitioned off essentially creating another room and the chance to do something different. At the
very least you could create a new growing environment, it could be heated say for growing exotics. Or you might choose to add a table and chairs, a place to dine come rain or shine. And with a pizza oven to hand there’s no shortage of opportunity. The Scandinavians are masters at outdoor dining, in a country where winters are long and dark, it makes sense to spend as much time in daylight as possible. And they’re not the only ones that want to extend the season and a greenhouse certainly helps increase the amount of time you get to spend out in the garden.

internal view of accoya porch being used for outdoor living

In this instance the greenhouse provides a focal point as well as a destination. In good weather there’s dining outside still protected from the elements by a combination of drystone walls, hedging and of course the greenhouse.

About this greenhouse

Our widest Porch with the main body of the greenhouse measuring 10’8” (3218mm), the central Porch extending the width to a little over 4 metres. The length is modular so can essentially go on forever but this one is a spacious 7 metres long (22’10”). The Style is a Victorian Planthouse using a combination of Accoya wood with powder coated aluminium. About a third of the structure is partitioned off providing the option to grow a broader diversity of plants.

accoya greenhouse apex detail

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