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Twin Peaks

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When moving house there is often the opportunity to pitch for the things you enjoy in life and certainly for many a good size garden is a must. And with a decent plot comes the opportunity to invest in a new greenhouse. In a small town garden this double span aluminium greenhouse might look a little out of place but in the grounds of this Victorian House in Wales it sits perfectly. And what a greenhouse ! Large open areas provide options for growing all manner of plants, and with the additional height afforded by raising it on a low wall there’s plenty of room to grow vertically too. Eight foot high tomato plants continue to grow whilst melons abound in the warmth afforded by growing under glass. And it’s not just plants occupying this space, there’s room too for a table and chairs. In inclement weather there’s the chance to retreat to the greenhouse, potter amongst your plants or pull up a chair and relax. There’s room for guests too, fresh melon anyone ? Or you could just stick with the tea and cake.

double span greenhouse
greenhouse sink

Did you spot the sink unit ? Although not provided by cultivar you can see the advantage. Freshly dug vegetables can be washed before taking them into the house. The sink in your house need not be dirtied by the hardened hands of a gardener after a few hours of graft, everybody is happy. As the seasons change the layout of the space might change too as the free-standing potting benches are easily moved. In winter the double doors can be opened providing good access for wheeling in large pots and plants that might require a little extra protection. The wide wall provides a sill for small potted plants. Come Spring the benches might be moved to the sides of the structure where seeds can be planted and nurtured. As the season progresses, these get potted on, some will be hardened off in the cold frames for transplanting out in the garden whilst other might be planted directly in the ground using ring culture. Hooks and wires are easily fitted to the screwports in our greenhouses providing the necessary support as the plants take off and come into fruit.

About this Greenhouse

Probably best described as a double apex structure this large aluminium greenhouse is based on our Pavilion design, having extra height which is perfect for growing vertically. Accessed centrally via a double door porch entrance this structure has been constructed on a low wall, made from local stone to match the house. The structure powder coated in quartz grey (RAL7039) picks up on the tones in the stonework. A double apex structure like this has a large open span approximately 5 metres wide and has a length of around 7 metres. The porch adds a further 832mm to the width. Either side of the porch free standing cold frames have been made with grey powder coated aluminium boards, to fit in with the greenhouse and surround masonry. Each coldframe measures 832mm x 2260mm and has lids that can be held open at two different heights. To match the house the greenhouse is Victorian in style, having a 45 degree roof pitch and narrow pane centres. Again, like the house the gables on the greenhouse are finished with finials. Here’s a drawing showing detailed dimensions for this double span greenhouse

double span greenhouse

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