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The Gardener’s Greenhouse

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The Gardener’s Greenhouse

6th August 2019

Earlier in the year we installed one of our fine Accoya framed glasshouses in a beautiful English Midlands garden. Take inspiration from our happy customer, who is a keen gardener and making full use of all of the capabilities of his bespoke greenhouse model.

As you can see from the image above, the greenhouse is located conveniently close to the patio and approached by a stylish pergola and alongside an established orchard.

At ten foot seven inches wide by fifteen foot 4 inches long, this particular greenhouse would provide plenty of space for any keen gardener.

Inside gravel beds allow drainage on either side of well laid paving to ensure easy management. In only a short space of time production is in full swing, seedlings, propagated plants and a massive crop of tomatoes will be on offer. All carefully staked and retained with stainless steel wires which have been located in our glazed frames which have a cleverly designed ‘screw port’ where stainless steel fixings can be secured. It’s almost as if this particular owner has read the greenhouse gardeners manual in best practice!

The greenhouse has automated low level ventilation and frameless automated ridge vents along the entire length and the useful addition of the frameless manual eaves vents at the plain end.

To maximise the growing potential on the sunny side, the greenhouse has full height glazing, just right for plants that grow from ground level. The other side of the greenhouse has an Accoya Boarder, not only to shade tender plants but also to conceal the paraphernalia of greenhouse cultivation.

We call this model a hybrid, a combination of wood and glass. This is just another example of the flexibility we offering when it comes to creating the perfect greenhouse for our customers.

It always helpful to see a greenhouse like this in use to pick up some greenhouse ideas. The clients in this case study have thoughtfully equipped the greenhouse providing trunking beneath the foundation to permit power and water to be installed.

The owners chosen contractors have provided watering and irrigation facilities, while the electrics allow heating and lighting to be installed which is particular handy in the Winter months. Our Greenhouse shading is used to allow for softer light during hot summer days to protect tender plants.

We have really put a lot of thought into the design of this greenhouse which even has a place for the owners to relax with a cup of tea as they admire the fruits of their labour and share moments of togetherness, growing together with a Cultivar greenhouse.

Why not try putting together your own dream greenhouse online using our custom greenhouse configuration tool.

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