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The Greenhouse A place to relax

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The Greenhouse A place to relax

13th August 2018

A greenhouse often acts as a garden hub, a place to spend time year round.

If you’re lucky enough to have space then the ideal orientation for a greenhouse should be so that the ridge runs East to West. That way you can make the most of the sun coming from the South. And with a Cultivar greenhouse your options are increased.

This is not a greenhouse that you would choose to hide at the bottom of the garden. Attractive to look at, a garden focal point in itself, it is not uncommon to position the greenhouse near to the house which is much more convenient if you want to nip out to pick some home grown salads.

The greenhouse is dual purpose, the front area a place to sit and enjoy the garden, the rear a place to grow and learn. This can be a place of solitude, away from the  tresses of everyday life or a place to spend time with the family or friends. In this instance gardening club provides the opportunity to spend quality time together. And the plants aren’t the only things that thrive. Enthusiasm grows and it’s all worth the wait when the plants deliver.

A place away from screen time and a valuable lesson that good things come to those who wait. In Sweden the greenhouse provides a valuable extension to the home. In a country where light is in short supply a glasshouse provides the means to spend more time out in the garden, a shelter from the elements and usually 4 or 5 degrees warmer than outside.

It’s not uncommon to see a dining table and chairs in the greenhouse. Here in the UK we enjoy relatively long summers but the amount of time spent out in the garden is still limited, often by rain. Not however if you own a greenhouse. This being the case, even if left unheated, you will find yourself spending more time in the garden in the Autumn and can get going in the greenhouse in February when signs of life start to appear. On those bright, crisp days the temperature in the greenhouse is pleasant. This gives you the opportunity to steal a March on those less fortunate gardeners who do not own a glasshouse.

About this Greenhouse

  • Model : Accoya Planthouse
  • Measure measurements: 3218 x 5492mm
  • Optional Extras: Partition, staging and shelving, manual vents to plain end

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