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A Terrace Garden

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A Terrace Garden

6th April 2018

One way of dealing with a sloping garden is to make it into a series of terraces. A terraced garden provides a level site to position a greenhouse but also affords the opportunity to create a special garden.

Cultivar Greenhouses in a terrace garden

There’s plenty of walls to train plants up, or trail plants over. Fragrant plants can be placed at head height, as is the case with the lavender in this garden. If you have the luxury of a good wall then it provides the opportunity to install a greenhouse against it. This new modern development with fabulous lakeside views had just that.

This new sandstone wall was just tall enough to abut one of our standard greenhouses along the length. Mid-level and central to the garden design the greenhouse has been positioned so that gutter runs the length of the wall. At one end the rainwater is being collected in a discreet water butt providing water on tap for use in the greenhouse. Rainwater is by far the best water to be used for watering mature plants. However when watering newly planted seeds then tap water is advisable.

One advantage of placing a greenhouse against a wall is that the wall retains the heat that builds up during the day. Overnight this heat is released so you will often find that lean-to or abutting greenhouses have a more even temperature than free-standing structures.

Inside the greenhouse, there’s one side of staging and shelving against the curtain wall of the structure. The other side has been left open to grow plants against the wall. The plain end too is a useful place to grow plants, or you could just leave this open to admire the fantastic view across the lake.

About this greenhouse

  • Model: Accoya, glass to ground
  • Base Measurements: 2144mm from wall by 2428mm in length
  • Height of structure against wall: 1591mm (to top of gutter)
  • Accessories: One side of staging and shelving


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