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Growing Together

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Growing Together

24th September 2019

The Pavilion is a practical yet stylish addition to our landscape range.

tall greenhouse

You can see it here sitting snugly in a sunken patio area on a solid concrete base. This is the smallest model at only eight foot (2438mm) wide and a little over fifteen foot long (4752mm). Its’ bigger brothers may be ten foot seven inches wide (3218mm) and longer. Our greenhouses are modular in length so you might for example opt for one say twenty-three foot long (6972mm).
All have double doors giving a wide access which open to 180 degrees and are secured back in place for convenience. In the tomato, pepper and cucumber season as we can see the staging and shelving can be folded down to offer extra space for growing from the ground. Our unique screw port offers inumerable methods of securing, tying back, or trailing your precious plants.
Neat, practical and stylish this greenhouse enables everyone (including the dog) to indulge in the pleasures of greenhouse gardening.
tall greenhouses

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