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Designing the garden around the greenhouse

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Designing the garden around the greenhouse

13th May 2021

In this instance the customer has used this as an opportunity to redesign their front garden. Winding gravel paths seen from above take you on a journey around the garden with places to stop and think, a garden to contemplate. Neatly trimmed shrubs add structure and form the greenhouse sits comfortably in a space flanked by acers.

Contemporary aluminium greenhouse

Central to the design the greenhouse provides a focal point, the engine room of the garden catalysing seed germination. This greenhouse is not just used to grow tomatoes but a range of edible plants that are not so easy to come by : Chinese broccoli, thai basil, kaffir lime leaves to name but a few.

This, our most contemporary greenhouse, still retains some classic features. A 45 degree roof pitch, the boarding at low level has been replaced with striped ceramic glass which allows light through but when viewed from outside conceals any pots that might be stowed underneath the staging. On this greenhouse the customer has chosen to collect rainwater. All our greenhouses come with powder coated aluminium guttering and dowpipes and these can be cut to size to direct water into your chosen waterbutt. In the warmer summer months shading can be fitted to protect your plants from the sunlight, these are easily fitted by means of elasticated ties at each corner.

Watering a small aluminium greenhouse

Birdseye view of a greenhouse for all seasons

So if you’re considering buying a greenhouse this might inspire you to think differently, or perhaps give you the excuse to think about a redesign of the garden. Then you can start to think about what you want to grow.

Gardening around a greenhouse

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