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A Greenhouse for a Formal Garden

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A Greenhouse for a Formal Garden

15th June 2021

In this instance our widest lean-to measuring 2523mm (8’3”) has been chosen in a length of 3187mm (10’5”). You can see how the customer has chosen to align this centrally down the length of the wall on the existing building.

Greenhouse against wall

And with a new greenhouse comes the opportunity to re-think the space. The greenhouse may become a focal point, a destination and can be just as important in the design of the plot as the planting or beds. With a cultivar greenhouse there is also a choice of design. We offer a modern version with wide fully glazed panels or, as is the case here, something more traditional with narrow pane centres and low level accoya boarding. This makes it simpler to find a greenhouse to suit the surroundings, be it a modern glazed home or a picturesque cottage in the country.

Overview of three-quarter-lean-to

View of greenhouse through hedge

In this instance the greenhouse is set within a courtyard, a central path leads you through a beech hedge, giving a sneak peak of what lies beyond. Central to the design the greenhouse with formal raised beds with space and plenty of scope for the season ahead to move plants from the greenhouse and into the flower beds. And don’t forget to think about somewhere to sit. A couple of chairs and a table provides an area to relax and take in the garden. In the cooler months this can be moved to the greenhouse to extend the season, as they do in Scandinavia.

See how the plants are being trained up the wall, there’s plenty of height for these tomatoes to grow but this space could be equally well used for an espalier fruit tree, what will you grow ? On the open side of the greenhouse a side of staging and shelving is being put to good use to grow on a range of seedlings and salad crops. A set of series three shelves on the plain end provides additional storage for seed trays and tools. And to keep the strength of the sun off your tender seedlings roof shading is easy to add. With a cultivar greenhouse there’s a wide range of accessories to choose from to fulfil your growing needs.

Wall detail

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