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Connecting with Nature

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Connecting with Nature

11th May 2022

Stepping out the back door into the garden, perhaps with a cup of coffee, you can almost feel a weight coming off your shoulders. It’s no secret that birdsong has a calming and comforting effect which is no doubt heightened by being immersed amongst plants and greenery. A greenhouse from cultivar is designed to enhance as well as amplify what you do. It’s another zone in your garden that, even on a cold day, provides a comfortable place to spend time pottering amongst your plants. This small greenhouse in Derbyshire has full length glass all round allowing plenty of light into the structure for your precious seeds but equally importantly providing an unparalleled view of the garden. A place to sit and watch the birds feeding from the damson tree.

What is interesting about this set up is that the greenhouse forms an integral part to the garden as a whole. A few steps away there’s a BBQ area, all within earshot of the seating area. So whether you’re pottering in the greenhouse, slaving over a hot BBQ, or simply just relaxing enjoying a glass of wine with friends you’re part of the party. And the morning after, there’s always the option to step into the greenhouse and shut the door behind you. What happens in here is not possible out there. It’s not just for the plants, a greenhouse is a great place to allow your ideas to oxygenate.

Choosing the right materials

When it comes to configuring your greenhouse there are options. It’s not just settling on a size, or indeed a style. You also have a choice of materials. In this instance the structure is made from neat aluminium precision engineered glazing in combination with Accoya wood. This combination is not something you will find with an ordinary greenhouse and proves to be one of the more popular configurations. In any instant you will find all our greenhouse, easy to maintain, and choosing a wood like Accoya, which is Guaranteed by Accoya to last 50 years, you can rest assured it is designed to last. The result is fit for the finest British Gardens, including yours.

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