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A Modern Greenhouse

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A Modern Greenhouse

13th September 2022

Like something out of Grand Designs, this modern house is the home to an architect. And a modern house like this needs a modern greenhouse. Like the house the greenhouse is constructed from a combination of complimentary modern materials. The wood used is Accoya, an FSC certified timber with a 50 year guarantee which over time will age to a silvery grey. The aluminium sections are designed in such a way as to conceal as many fixings as possible, the result is a large spans of glass, clean lines, a superior product with a host of features you will not find on an ordinary greenhouse.coldframes

Running along the length of the structure above the cold frames at eaves height the 6mm toughened glass frameless glass vents provide ventilation whilst the opposing side has automatic vents at the lowest level, again running the full length. These in conjunction with the full length automatic ridge ventilation ensures a good flow of air through the greenhouse, a complete change of air in fact every 34 times an hour, we’ve had this verified by mechanical engineers at the RPS group and if inclined you can learn a little bit more about this here.

It’s good to see the greenhouse being put to task, at this time of years full of aubergines, cucumbers and tomatoes, plants that tend not to do so well outside but with a greenhouse flourish. In the Spring the greenhouse is used to bring on seedlings for planting out in the garden to provide cut flowers. Before they’re put out in the garden these seedlings will spend a few weeks hardening off in the cold frames, a useful addition to any greenhouse if you have the space.

About this greenhouse

Measuring 8’ wide (2438mm) by 15’4” in length (4667mm) this greenhouse is part of our modern portrait range. With the option of glass to ground or boarded as seen this greenhouse can accept cold frames to the side or even the rear. The cold frames add approximately 2’8” , that’s 800mm, to the width and provide additional storage for precious plants. These are particularly useful in Spring before the risk of frosts has passed. Internally the structure is accessorised with staging and shelving, which can be fold down, and shading to both sides of the roof. The shading is easily secured using the screw port that takes a standard screw so there’s no need to drill any holes, you can learn more about how easy it is to secure stuff to a cultivar greenhouse here.
If you’re designing a brand new house or perhaps even making over the garden on an existing house then take a look at the range of greenhouses available on our configurator. There’s a range of designs from contemporary to something a little more traditional.

modern greenhouse

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