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Bespoke Glasshouses with Side Doors

Bespoke Glasshouses with Side Doors

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Bespoke Glasshouses with Side Doors

Here at Cultivar Glasshouses, we offer our clients as much customisation as we can in order to ensure they get the greenhouse that they had always dreamed of.
However, knowing what style to opt for can be challenging, particularly for a novice gardener. We therefore thought that we put a few of our best and most popular greenhouses together to spark a little inspiration.

Many of our customers are looking for a greenhouse with side doors owing to the ease of access it provides. This can also be dictated by the size of your garden and whatever works best given the restrictions that you are working with. Combining this with a double door greenhouse design also offers ease of access for the disabled as well as making it simpler to manoeuvre plants in and out of your greenhouse.

With all of this in mind, here are some of the best side door greenhouse designs we have put together to help provide you with some ideas ahead of ordering your very own made to measure greenhouse with side doors.

The Landscape Range

With all the features of our Modern Portrait range but seen from another point of view. So still with full length ridge ventilation, a choice or combination of low-level automated vents or manual eaves vents so the hot and cold spots in the greenhouse are eliminated.

The powder coated aluminium glazing frames are still slim but hard working and strong. They capture the 4mm toughened safety glass between EPDM gaskets ensuring no rattles, no fixings in sight and no glass to aluminium contact. There on the frames internally in a discrete screw port, almost like a shadow line, where stainless steel fixings can be used to hang, support and attach your twine or wires, a useful feature for plant support.

The double doors are a uniquely strong feature, these compliment our rigid portal frames. It is therefore no wonder that our greenhouses are standing proud in some of the UK’s windiest locations.

With our Landscape Models we can offer both staging and shelving in dozens of combinations, it’s a powerful workstation with free standing or cantilevered shelves and benches along one side. You may choose to fill alcove areas either side of the double doors or even utilise the width of the greenhouse by having U-Shaped staging. Since our fold down greenhouse staging is an unrivalled feature, you can release space for tall growing plants at any time.

We have three styles in a range of sizes from as little as 8 foot (2438mm) wide by 15’7” long (4752mm). or as big as 10’7” (3218mm) by almost any reasonable length, such as 25’ 7” (7797mm) long, not quite the Crystal palace but decidedly more manageable and modern.

The Alcove

view of a large greenhouse with double doors access in the side.
A practical solution to gaining access to the greenhouse along its length

A glasshouse with style. Envisaged complete with Accoya wood base panels, the central double doors permit an entrance which is almost 5’ wide ensuring ease of access. This is particularly beneficial for those in a wheelchair.

The inset above permits two distinct areas on either side, perhaps two specialist growing areas, or possibly an area set aside for gentle contemplation or a cup of tea.

Greenhouses with double doors are often a modern design, but this particular option is available in either a modern or Victorian greenhouse style if you are looking to combine the old with the new.

The Pavilion


This model may adhere to a dwarf wall greenhouse design or alternatively may be placed on a boarded base.

The flush finish double doors which fold back against the sides of the greenhouse give ease of access. It has a commanding height and is available in a range of lengths.

If it faces your property you may wish consider a patio or picket fence to reflect the cricket pavilions of old. This particular greenhouse is also available in Modern or Victorian style.

The Porch

Although this design often features a dwarf wall, those who opt for with our innovative Accoya boarded base will find that building works and costs are considerably reduced! This can sit straight onto a flat level footing for which we would provide the specification for your builder to construct.

If you are a traditionalist, then maybe the dwarf wall is your desire. If so, we will give you that choice to ensure you get the double door greenhouse you had in mind. The wide central door can be specified to open in or outward, hinged on the left or on the right.

There is space either side of the door for pots, perhaps a trough or even a set of greenhouse coldframes. This is a classic style of glasshouse giving distinct areas for cultivation, circulation and perhaps for a leisure pursuit. It’s a showpiece for a larger garden, a thing of beauty which is available in a Modern or Victorian Style.

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