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Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit
Cultivar Greenhouse Staging and Shelving

Cultivar Greenhouse Staging and Shelving

Here at Cultivar, we are renowned for our attention to detail which is based on decade’s worth of experience in the greenhouse industry.

That is why we are able to offer unique and innovative solutions to your greenhouse staging and shelving requirements which will not only help to maximise your use of space but also aide the prosperity of your plants and crops.

Our Unique Greenhouse Staging Ideas


Our Greenhouse staging, with powder coated frames, is sensibly located at a perfect working to make it easier for you to store your trays and also to pot up.

If you are a wheelchair user, then please let us know when specifying your requirements so that we can alter the height of your greenhouse staging as per your needs.

The slatted surface is perfect for storing your plants, however if you would prefer a flat recessed surface, perhaps to fill with silver sand, that is no problem.

If you desire we also have a rigid ABS recessed tray which fits neatly into the staging frame on the wide models which you will find handy as a potting bench, as a drench for watering, or as a damp bed filled with pea gravel.

Those who are consider with saving space and are therefore looking for narrow greenhouse staging as a result can have the best of both worlds with Cultivar because our models come with folding greenhouse staging to help save space whenever they are not in use. Just another innovative feature which shows the attention to detail we offer as a result of our years of experience in the industry.

Folding Greenhouse Shelving Solutions

Shelving is a vital ingredient and our greenhouse shelving solutions are designed with practicality in mind.

Our shelving is 290mm wide and can stretch the entire length of your greenhouse, making it extra beneficial if you opt for one of our large greenhouse models.

Located conveniently at head height, it will offer a warmer location for tender plants or just a convenient storage place. The shelving can be provided with a basket for storing or drying. It too can be easily removed should your tomatoes achieve great heights.

Again, the height of our shelving can be altered for wheel chair users, so please let us know if this is a consideration that we will have to take into account when designing your greenhouse.

As with our staging, we offer folding greenhouse shelving solutions with space saving in mind. This is an absolutely perfect feature for anyone who is struggling for space in their garden and opting for one of our small greenhouses.

Build Your Own Greenhouse With Cultivar

We aim to offer maximise customisation with our greenhouses, so that you can get exactly what you need that fits perfectly in your garden.

Take advantage of our online greenhouse builder to put together your perfect glasshouse and get a no obligation quote so that have an idea as to the potential costs of making your dream greenhouse a reality.

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