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The very best growers know that adequate ventilation is the key to disease prevention and good results in the greenhouse. To this end we have studied the most effective positions and sizes of our vents to ensure optimum results. Starting from the bottom we have full length, hinged, aluminium vents at plinth level which will allow the cooler air to circulate upwards, around the structure before exiting as warm or hot air at the ridge. We can supplement the ventilation at eaves level with full length frameless glass vents for specialist growers such as those who appreciate alpines. Eaves level glazing is also standard to our dwarf wall models, thus we cover all of the options. The roof ventilation is also full length frameless glass of 6mm thickness for extra strength allowing exhausted air to escape. This page talks in more detail about how the ventilation works on a Cultivar greenhouse.

We have automated the low level and ridge glass vents, with high quality Bayliss heat sensitive cylinders and openers which will allow you to leave your greenhouse unattended in the knowledge that the vents will open in the warm weather. Please remember however that plants will still need some regular watering.

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