Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit We offer a 30 Year Lifetime Guarantee
Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit

Explore the Range of Glasshouses for sale

With a distinguished reputation for excellence our experienced team are committed to helping you find the right glasshouse. To begin we recommend you use our configurator to explore the many and varied options we have available, so you can build your own bespoke glasshouse. There are modern glasshouses with wide spans of glass available in a choice of materials or if you prefer something more traditional we have options.

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Configure Your Made to Measure Glasshouse Online

Explore our range of high end glasshouse designs which will appeal to various tastes and preferences. Regardless of whether you are looking for traditional or modern glasshouse designs, we can match you up with the perfect bespoke glasshouse for your desires and requirements.

Explore the range of glasshouses for sale below and start the process towards building your very own bespoke glasshouse design:

The Henley

This modern glasshouse range is made from a combination of long lasting Accoya and powder coated aluminum. A popular choice for anyone starting out in their gardening adventures this glasshouse packs in a few features. Every glasshouse in the Henley range comes with a generous 45 degree roof pitch making for a comfortable space to spend time for you and your plants. Our signature ventilation draws in air low to circulate around the glasshouse before it is expelled through the automatic vents at the top.

The Hampton

Where space allows the Hampton Glasshouse range incorporates a porch entrance. A real focal point for the serious gardener with options to add cold frames either side of the door. This modern glasshouse range may just change the way you garden.

The Windsor

For those looking for something a little more traditional then consider the Windsor. Handmade and crafted in Britain in a style which harks back to the Victorian and Edwardian eras when great British gardens set the standards to which the rest of the world aspired. These smaller Victorian glasshouses are available in a choice of materials and can if you like be built to sit on a wall.

Most popular model

The Kew

For the larger garden or possibly an estate, you can orientate this beautiful traditional Victorian glasshouse design to face your home. Choose between the combination of Accoya wood with precision engineered aluminum or if you prefer the glasshouse can be made from aluminum to sit on a wall. These Victorian glasshouses have attractive narrow pane centres, finials and a 45 degree roof pitch providing a period look without missing out on all the advantages that modern engineering techniques can add.

The Chelsea

Perhaps the grandest glasshouse available, our Chelsea glasshouse has double door access via a central porch. At a little over 3.7 metres in height there’s plenty of scope for growing tall plants. Available in a choice of styles ranging from a contemporary glass to ground version with wide pane centres to the more traditional glasshouses on a wall with narrow pane centres. Ambitious Gardeners need to look no further than this statement glasshouse.

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