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Order your Glasshouse today with just a 50% deposit

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With a distinguished reputation for excellence our experienced team are committed to helping you find the right glasshouse. To begin we recommend you use our configurator to explore the many and varied options we have available, so you can build your own bespoke glasshouse. There are modern glasshouses with wide spans of glass available in a choice of materials or if you prefer something more traditional we have options.

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Final Summary


The Henley


3218mm x 3927mm


Accoya Plant House

Glasshouse Accessories, Tools & Enhancements

Good news! You’ve done the hard part.

Now comes the task of choosing what accessories and enhancements that you’d like your made to measure glasshouse to come with.

Please note before selecting that all Cultivar Greenhouses come with automated full length ventilation, rainwater recycling facilities, 4mm toughened safety glass held in EPDM gaskets and wide strong doors as standard. This ensures that you have already got all of the essentials covered.

Glasshouse Staging & Shelving

Fold down shelves is a unique feature which is only available with Cultivar Greenhouses. You can have these on one or both sides of your new glasshouse.

Would you like a tray?

New Extra

Series 3 Shelving.

At certain points in the year you need extra shelving for seedlings and cuttings. Luckily we have just the thing in the form of our three aluminum slatted shelves. With two fixing channels and half a dozen screws, there will be no need for drilling. It all comes as a complete kit and is ideal for the plain end of the glasshouse or along a free side where you might choose to double up.

New Extra

Roof Shading

The harsh summer sun can cause damage to your more tender plants. You can therefore opt for our light colored and rot proof side of roof shading which is made from synthetic polyester scrim material to ensure that it is both hard wearing and resistant to the effects of moisture. Our shading offers 55% shading to help protect your plants through the hardest months.

New Extra

Manual Vents

There’s no such thing as to much ventilation in a glasshouse. The addition of a manual vent to span the gable end of your glasshouse might prove invaluable on the hot summer days. Open this and your glasshouse door and feel the draught running down the length of structure.

New Extra

Cold Frames

Our cold frames will add a useful extension for overwintering tender plants and are essential for hardening off tender seedlings in the journey from the glasshouse to the garden. Each toughened safety glass lid can be held fully or partially open with the stainless steel hooks provided. Traditionally located on the cold side of the glasshouse (hence the name) you may choose to have them on the left, right or even both sides of the glasshouse.

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