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Four Ways to Enjoy your new Greenhouse

Written on: 25 September 2015 By Stephanie Donaldson
  1. Revel in the empty greenhouse and its promise of future plants. If you have never owned a greenhouse before it will open the door to a world of new growing possibilities and shut the door on juggling seedlings on windowsills, or in poorly lit sheds. If you have previously owned a greenhouse enjoy the lack of clutter that allows you to get on with the growing without having to have a good tidy up first.
  2. Kit out your new greenhouse with its own set of tools and equipment so that it is always ready to use. A potting tray (to confine potting compost), a watering can with a fine rose (even if you have running water laid on), gardening gloves suitable for fine work, hand trowel, scissors, secateurs, a ball of string, a bucket (for old compost, weeds etc), a fine mesh sieve, plant labels, a marker pen and a selection of seedtrays and pots.greenhouse comforts
  3. Add some comfort and entertainment – a folding stool to sit on while you are working, a reference book or two, a tin of biscuits – and if you have power, add a fan heater (in an unheated greenhouse) and a radio or smartphone dock. A small kettle will save trips back to the house but remember to keep all electrical equipment away from water!
  4. Discover the other uses for a greenhouse – sheltering from the rain, hiding from the children, phoning a friend, pottering in an aimless way, rewarding a good days work done with a G&T, or snoozing unobserved.
Written on: 25 September 2015 By Stephanie Donaldson

Written by
Stephanie Donaldson

Stephanie is contributing gardens editor of Country Living Magazine and editor of The Enduring Gardener Blog. A long-time believer in organic methods and author of many book including co-authoring the Prince of Wales’ most recent book, The Elements of Organic Gardening.

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