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Summer Greenhouses

Written on: 3 August 2020 By Daniel Carruthers

Summer is a wonderful time of year for gardeners, with colourful plants and tender crops all springing into life and adding a vibrant feel to your garden.

However, this will only happen if you adhere to the advice of our experts on best to take care of your summer greenhouse plants and crops during this period.

Read on to learn more about how you should look after your garden plant life and the kind of things equipment that you may want to add to your summer greenhouse in order to make the most of the warmer weather:

1. Good Quality Ventilation Systems

Summer greenhouses can get mighty hot when the sun is out, so it is important to have measures in place to stop your crops and plants suffering in the heat.

Cultivar’s products are all equipped with our advanced automatic greenhouse ventilation systems which have been developed in collaboration with RPS; an mechanical engineering group who applied Computer Fluid Dynamic to determine the best way of ensuring air movement which will help to maintain the health of your summer greenhouse plants.

The information we received from this study has been utilised to influence the design of our greenhouse ventilation systems, which automatically open in a set temperature range. This ensures that you don’t have to worry should you be away from home for an extended period of time.

2. Greenhouse Shading Solutions

Good ventilation can only go so far, and sometimes additional measures will be required to cool down your Summer greenhouse.

In these instances, it is recommended that greenhouse shading is utilised as an additional measure to cool the interior. However, the major issue with shading is that it deprives your crops of vital sunlight. The greenhouse shading offered by cultivar is designed to allow approximately 55% light transmission so your crops will continue to benefit from light levels whilst also keeping the temperature down.

3. Buy a Thermometer

It sounds simple, but a thermometer really is a greenhouse essential.

These can be used to monitor the temperature inside your summer greenhouse. Whilst it’s not always possible to keep temperatures below 27°C, where plant damage can occur, it is possible to achieve this by damping down the greenhouse on the hottest summer days. This will also bring up the humidity level. If you regularly see temperatures in excess of 27 degrees then shading solutions should be considered.

4. Open the Doors

Again, this is a rather simple and cost effective trick. However, this is by no means one which should be ignored.

Simply opening the greenhouse doors will provide plenty of ventilation to seep through into the interior; providing vital cooling for your crops. Just remember to keep an eye on that thermometer for extreme temperatures being reached!

The doors on our summer greenhouses are perfect this function, the door on our 8ft and 10ft wide greenhouse measure 2’9” in width. Double doors are available to ensure easy access to your greenhouse with large equipment such as wheelbarrows.

All Cultivar Greenhouse doors are designed with a solid aluminium frame and made with toughened safety glass. Ultimately, this helps us to ensure a long lasting product which is intended for a lifetime of hard work for either private or commercial purposes.

5. Achieving Good Atmospheric Humidity

Another sure-fire way of protecting your summer greenhouse plants from heat damage is maintain good levels of atmospheric humidity within the structure.

This can be achieved by regularly watering plants and dampening down floors and surfaces. We recommend that you should aim to do this at least three times a day on particularly sunny days.

Written on: 3 August 2020 By Daniel Carruthers

Written by
Daniel Carruthers

Daniel is a keen gardener and cook. A graduate of the prodigious Ballymaloe Cookery School Daniel has his own organic garden near Chester and is a director here at Cultivar.

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