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Grand Designs Cultivar Style – Cultivar Greenhouse Review

Written on: 14 September 2020 By Daniel Carruthers

Find out what is possible with Cultivar Greenhouses when you hear from one of our happy customers.

These particular customers have only recently retired and like many gardening enthusiasts, have always struggled to find the time to devote to their hobby prior to moving into the new phase of their lives.

Feeling the time was right to invest in their hobby, the couple viewed their purchase as an “investment”; stating that it “really does add value to the space we are in”.

Upon scouring the market, the couple quickly realised that what Cultivar offers is “a standout product against other greenhouses”. One particular aspect which stood out to these customers when comparing offerings was our use of advanced materials in the construction of our state of the art Accoya greenhouses.

Having recently designed and built their own home, the couple found a clear parallel between their decision to only use advanced, modern materials in its construction and our own selection of construction materials which can be chosen by customers when putting together their own custom greenhouse design. As in this example, you can tailor the look of your greenhouse based on the style of your home! This means choosing your materials, your measurements and helping us find your preferred style.

With all of our greenhouses, regardless of the style, we will go above and beyond to delivery greenhouse innovation with advanced solutions to ensure the right ventilation and optimum light levels so that it becomes easier to grow your crops all year long.

We will also work with you to help you pick your preferred greenhouse accessories. If you are struggling with mobility for instance, we can add greenhouse staging which is at the perfect height so that you don’t have to exert yourself.

It’s all about customisation here at Cultivar Greenhouses and delivering exactly what our customers need. You can clearly see in this particular Cultivar review that this was achieved, with the customer adding “we are delighted with all aspects of it. Including the cost”.

Take the first step towards getting that exact feeling that this happy Cultivar customer received by utilising our online custom greenhouse builder tool to get an idea on prices today!

Written on: 14 September 2020 By Daniel Carruthers

Written by
Daniel Carruthers

Daniel is a keen gardener and cook. A graduate of the prodigious Ballymaloe Cookery School Daniel has his own organic garden near Chester and is a director here at Cultivar.

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